Left Margin LIT is a creative writing center offering classes, camaraderie,

and mentorship to East Bay writers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

We aim to promote storytelling and poetry as vital elements of a healthy city: enriching dialogue, building community, and supporting a culture of creativity.

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While we wrack our brains for what to write about, our most compelling stories often lie close by, waiting to be discovered. How to we find these stories, and bring them to life on the page?

Hidden in Plain Sight: 

Memoir Workshop 

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What makes a character come to life and jump off the page? Character-building reaches into almost every aspect of story-building.

Project Frankenstein: 

Fiction Class

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Ek-phrasis — a poem that describes a work of art — literally means “to out tell” or “to tell (us) more.” In this class, we’ll figure out what the “more” that is art can tell us each about our own writing. 

Ode to Art

(Ekphrastic Experiments): 

Poetry Workshop 

Left Margin Testimonials

"I came to David when I needed help applying to MFA programs. Some writers will try to shape your work into a style like their own, but David was able to recognize my voice and polish it rather than mold it. Throughout the application process, David responded to every one of my concerns with reassurance and insight. He helped me navigate the painful purgatory of the waitlist, resulting in my acceptance. Without his feedback, advice, and encouragement, I wouldn't be attending my dream school."


MFA student, University of Michigan

—  Name, Title

Private Writing Consultations


Work with an excellent coach or editor to push your writing forward. 

Crowd Gathering


Come party with us! We host literary events here in the East Bay.



Come write with us and reach your goals in the Left Margin LIT space!



Catch our news and learn more about what we're into. 

College Campus


We offer financial aid and merit awards to low-income writers.

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