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Equity and Inclusion

At Left Margin LIT cultural equity means valuing the contributions, talents, and experiences of all people. Our goal is to build a community for writers to feel supported and nurtured regardless of their ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical ability, socioeconomic status, geography, or religion. We’re committed to modeling equity, diversity, inclusion, and to maintaining an inclusive environment with respectful treatment for all. 


In line with our mission, we actively pursue advisors, faculty, and students from diverse backgrounds because we believe in the dignity of every human being and the intrinsic value of stories. We offer need-based scholarships to help mitigate the Bay Area’s growing problem of income inequality. Whenever possible, we advocate for systemic change in the region’s literary arts community and elevate the work of writers from underrepresented groups and communities. Our work of listening and adapting is ongoing: we encourage feedback on how we can make Left Margin LIT a welcoming space for everyone.

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