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  • Are you stuck in the middle of your novel? 

  • Have you written a memoir that needs a set of critical eyes before you submit it to agents? 

  • Are you working on a manuscript of poems to use for applications to MFA programs? 

  • Would you like to chart your own course of study with an instructor's guidance in poetry or prose?


  • Do you want to work with us, but our classes don't fit your schedule? 

  • Are you the parent of a student who could use help with school writing assignments or the college personal statement? 


Rachel and David are available for individual consultation if group workshops aren't your thing. If your project falls outside of our expertise or availability, we can set you up with another author who will be your perfect match.


Consultations are fully customizable, based on the project and the writer's needs. We can arrange one-on-one meetings in the day or evening, week or weekend, to suit your schedule. We can put together a package of hours or offer individual sessions. 


Contact us to discuss how you envision strengthening your writing skills and let us help you come up with a plan!

I came to David when I needed help applying to MFA programs. Some writers will try to shape your work into a style like their own, but David was able to recognize my voice and polish it rather than mold it. Throughout the application process, David responded to every one of my concerns with reassurance and insight. He helped me navigate the painful purgatory of the waitlist, resulting in my acceptance. Without his feedback, advice, and encouragement, I wouldn't be attending my dream school. 

Maya D.

MFA student, University of Michigan

Rachel is one of the most significant forces behind my curiosity and passion for literature. As my teacher, she illuminated in the most exquisite detail the craft and practice of writing. Her mentorship has encouraged me to continue honing the way I describe the world - a process that serves me well in every aspect of my life.

Alek D.

BA, UNC Chapel Hill

Working closely with David was among the most rewarding and productive times during my life as a writer. He is a precise editor who showed me the hidden possibilities within my own poems. I consistently left meetings with him feeling my writing was headed in a positive direction. I'm a better poet thanks to David.

Jim W.

MFA, UNC-Greensboro

Rachel's empathic attention to my writing helps my work communicate.  She has a keen eye for structure, technique and syntax, but in her own writing and mine, she never forgets she's building a place where humans live. So the technical results never lack heart, breath and soul.

Amy M.

MFA, Hunter College

The most important thing I learned from David was how to develop a writing life. When I began graduate school, I only sat down to write when I felt inspired. Because David is a careful reader, he sensed my lack of discipline and offered me extra writing prompts as a way to help me establish a writing routine. Because of David, I exceeded my own expectations. He encouraged me to apply to several writing fellowships and volunteered be my mentor when I decided to present an academic paper at a conference. It’s rare to find a teacher who is as genuinely supportive as David.

Cory M.

MFA, UNC-Greensboro

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