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We all have opinions, whether about politics, sports, or entertainment. But creating a coherent, enlightened argument on paper has become a lost art, especially amid the deafening noise of social media and cable television.

This course will immerse attendees in various forms of journalistic criticism, from op-eds and opinion columns to film, theater, and book reviews. Students will learn how to turn a gut opinion into a well crafted, well informed piece of writing that will educate readers and inspire productive debate.

The Armchair Critic: 

An Introduction to Effective Opinion-Based Writing

Dates: 6 Wednesdays, March 22-April 26
Time: 7-9 pm 
Instructor: Thomas Lee
Ages: Adult 
Genre: Criticism 
Price: $385 
Music of the Mind

Thomas Lee is an award-winning author and business columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle. He has written op-eds, personal essays, theater criticism, and film and book reviews for the Chronicle, Star Tribune in Minneapolis, and The Sunday Observer in London. His book on the future of big box retail in the digital age, Rebuilding Empires, won a 2015 Axiom Business Book Award for business commentary.

More about Tom:

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