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Speaking of Dialogue: Fiction/Nonfiction Class (In Person at Left Margin LIT) CLOSED

Date: Saturday, March 2


Time: 10 am - 3 pm (w/one-hour lunch break) 


Instructor: Monica Wesolowska

Ages: Adult


Genre: Fiction/Nonfiction

Price: $195
Monica Wesolowska

Should people talk in your writing? 

“Yes,” I say. “Yes!”

Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction (anything from stories, essays, novels, memoirs, or even diary entries), dialogue serves many essential functions.  

In this one-day class, we’ll examine the range of ways that great writers incorporate dialogue into their prose. We’ll debunk the myth that dialogue needs to be “true to life” to sound true.


You’ll try your hand at everything from active to passive dialogue and have a chance to share your writing with others. Come spend a few hours with us and discover new ways to bring your writing to life. 

Monica Wesolowska is the author of the memoir Holding Silvan: A Brief Life (named a “Best Book of the

Year” by The Boston Globe and Library Journal) as well as two children’s picture books, Leo + Lea (winner of an SCBWI Crystal Kite Award) and Elbert in the Air.


Monica's essays and short stories have been published in a wide variety of venues, including in the Modern Love column of The New York Times. For over two decades, she’s taught creative writing around the

Bay Area and worked with clients as an independent editor.


Click here to learn more about Monica.

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