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Pulling Yourself out of Writer Quicksand (Forever)   

Date: Saturday, November 11  
Time: 10am - 3pm (w/1-hour lunch break) 
Instructor: MK Chavez
Format: In Person at Left Margin LIT
Genre: All
Price: $195    
MK Chavez.jpg

Join MK Chavez for a quick and dirty dive into literary coaching.


This is a highly interactive workshop where attendees will explore their personal quicksand, engage in a writing values clarification exercise, and leave with a toolkit for addressing writer’s block, book inertia, and other writing crises while they build a sustainable writing practice.


Open to all genres and levels of experience. Everyone is welcome.

MK Chavez is an Afro-Latinx writer, educator, multi-disciplinary artist, and curator. She is co-director of the Berkeley Poetry Festival and co-founder and curator of Lyrics & Dirges and teaches and supports writers at Ouroboros Writing Lab. 


MK's writing explores identity, social injustice, environmental degradation, horror cinema, magic, and ritual and has been recognized with a PEN Oakland Josephine Miles award and San Francisco Foundation/Nomadic Press Literary Award. She is a 2018 Alameda County Arts Leadership Award recipient and a 2023 YBCA 100 fellow. 


MK’s literary offerings include Dear Animal, Mothermorphosis, the lyric essay chapbook A Brief History of the Selfie, and Virgin Eyes. Her work can be found among the trees in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park through the Voices of the Trees Project. 

Click here to learn more about MK.

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