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Poetry SuperPAC: Poetry Accountability Club

Dates: April 1 - 30  Virtual and Asynchronous
Time: Daily (Online) 
Organizer: Rachel Richardson 
Ages: Adult 
Genre: Poetry
Price: $45

Do you need a writing community? Or a spark to get your pen moving after you pour your morning coffee? 

How about 30 writing prompts from some of America's finest poets, such as Victoria Chang, Ruben Quesada, Sarah Ghazal Ali, January Gill O'Neil, Christian Gullette, Sandra Beasley, Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, and others?


Designed by poets and LML directors Rachel Richardson and David Roderick, Poetry SuperPAC is designed to fuel your poetry-writing machine during National Poetry Month. On April 1st, participants will each share a concrete poetry goal for the month, whether that’s to write 30 first drafts or one poem per week, or simply to read more and try your hand at a form or two—and then we will help you hold yourself to your goal.


Everyone will receive a daily message with a writing prompt from Rachel or one of many poets we've gathered to provide you with inspiration and motivation to keep writing.

There is no formal instruction, but this group can be a great complement to your poetry practice. All participants have access to a private online forum (Slack) where sharing drafts and supporting each other are easy to manage. Participation in SuperPAC is entirely virtual.

NEW THIS YEAR: Rachel will also host 3 SuperPAC-only write-ins over Zoom. Participants are invited to sign in, chat with other poets for a few minutes, and then dig into a prompt in a silent writing hour together. Write-ins are entirely optional but can help create extra accountability in your practice (and good company too!). Write-ins will be offered on 4/8 (9 am PST), 4/16 (4 pm PST), and 4/22 (8 pm PST). 


This is a fantastic way to tap into our community and give yourself accountability and structure from the comfort of your own home.

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