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Read It Again: How to Write Picture Books

That Children Will Love

Date: Saturday, April 14 
Time: 10 am - 3 pm (with lunch break) 
Instructor: Monica Wesolowska
Ages: Adult 
Maximum Enrollment: 9
Genre: Picture Books
Price: $150

As anyone who’s ever tried to write a picture book knows, it’s harder than it looks—and therein lies the subversively simple power of this essential genre. The picture book industry is currently blossoming with innovative new books every day. That’s good news for children. For writers, that may make the task of getting your own work noticed seem daunting.


In this class, we’ll cover some of the basic rules for writing successful picture books. We’ll study the texts of great books you love and talk about the process of having your own words illustrated by someone else. We’ll also devote time to discussing any potential projects you may have and finding ways to make them stand out from the crowd.


This class is appropriate for both beginners as well as those ready for new inspiration. 

Music of the Mind

Monica Wesolowska (author of the memoir Holding Silvan: A Brief Life, named a “Best Book of 2013”) has a debut children’s picture book forthcoming in 2019. In addition, she publishes short fiction and essays in a wide variety of venues including The New York Times. A former fellow at the Fine Arts Works Center in Provincetown, she’s been teaching and editing around the Bay Area for over a decade and works one-on-one with writers as a writing coach. 

More about Monica:

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