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Hidden in Plain Sight: 

Memoir/Personal Essay Workshop 

Dates: 8 Thursdays, March 22 - May 10
Time: 7 pm - 9 pm 
Instructor: Elizabeth Scarboro
Ages: Adult 
Genre: Nonfiction 
Price: $475 

While we wrack our brains for what to write about, our most compelling stories often lie close by, waiting to be discovered. How to we find these stories and bring them to life on the page? In this class we’ll use a mix of guided exercises, discussion, and workshop to sharpen our powers of observation, uncover stories we’ve overlooked, and dig into the mystery of stories we think we understand. Masterful essays and passages from published memoirs will provide us with inspiration and insight.


We’ll study how published authors play with structure, perspective, and time, and absorb some of these techniques for use in our own work. We’ll also share our writing with an eye toward helping each other build on strengths and take new risks. Whether you are just starting to write or halfway into your memoir, this workshop will give you the chance to explore unseen possibilities in the stories you most want to tell.

Music of the Mind

Elizabeth Scarboro is the author of My Foreign Cities, A Memoir, which was named a “Best Book of the Year” by the San Francisco Chronicle and Library Journal. Her essays have appeared in many places, including the New York Times, the Bellevue Literary Review, and the Telegraph. She is also the author of two novels for children, The Secret Language of the SB and Phoenix Upside Down. Her writing has received the Chautauqua Prize and the Olga and Paul Menn Award for Fiction. She has taught writing to students of all ages, and is currently a literacy coach at Washington Elementary in Berkeley, where she hopes to help her students become as crazy about reading as she is.

More about Liz:

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