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Taking a novel or memoir from first draft to final is generally the most difficult task any writer faces—and the place we most often get stuck. How do you know when your story is over? How can you tell if you’ve found the best place to begin? And what’s up with that middle?


This one-day workshop is designed for writers who are engaged in the process of revising a book-length project—either fiction or memoir. We’ll get very specific about why writers can’t find their endings, why middles drag, and how to get unstuck. Plus we’ll talk about the tricks of the trade that make revision move more smoothly—and quickly.

Getting Unstuck:
A Novel and Memoir Craft Intensive 
Date: Saturday, March 11
Time: 10 am-3 pm (with lunch break)
Instructors: Janis Cooke Newman 
Ages: Adult 
Genre: Fiction/Memoir
Price: $175 
Going Long

Janis Cooke Newman is the author of the novel A Master Plan for Rescue, which was named a San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of 2015. She is also the author of Mary; Mrs. A Lincoln, which was an LA Times Book Prize Finalist and USA Today’s Historical Novel of the Year, as well as the memoir, The Russian Word for Snow. She is the fiction editor of CNET’s ‘Technically Literate’ series and the founder of the Lit Camp writers conference. 

More about Janis:

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