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Sunday Writers' Bootcamp 

Dates: Monthly
Time: 9:30 am - 1:00 pm
Ages: Adult 
Genre: All are welcome! 
Price: $25/Sunday      

Sunday Writers' Bootcamp is an opportunity for writers who can't attend our regular weekday bootcamp sessions. Want a quiet space to work on poems or essays, finish that novel, edit your manuscript, or freewrite until you find your next subject?

Come in on Sunday mornings and spend time with a cohort of writers working on ambitious projects. The purpose of these sessions is to give you accountability and a writing community that will help you stay on task and support you when the writing is tough. (It almost always is.)

Coffee and tea available. We have comfortable seats and reliable wi-fi. All genres, levels, and projects welcome. You’re free to come and go on your own schedule. 


COVID notes:


1. Masks are optional.


2. Vaccinations are required. (We are no longer asking for record of vaccination and will now operate on an honor system.) 

3. Windows will remain open during bootcamp hours, so be sure to bring a warm jacket or sweater for chillier mornings. 

Max 8 writers per session. Register now before it fills.

**Please note that by paying for a space, we are reserving your spot in the room each day of bootcamp, whether or not you attend. Therefore, there can be no makeup dates offered for missed sessions. 


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